Real Estate Sales Safety Tips You Don’t Want To Sell Without

Welcome back! So far, you have learned the difference between MACE and other pepper spray brands. You are also knowledgeable on how to adjust the pepper spray strength to your specific needs, using OC Concentrations and SHU ratings as selection criteria. On top of that, you also know the different types of spraying methods (“fogger”, “stream”, “forced cone”, “foam” and “gel”) and which one of them is the most appropriate for you, given your individual lifestyle.

I have seen many senior’s cars where the trunk and the back bumper are damaged from the garage door hitting it. One solution is to place the car in the garage where it should be and suspend a tennis ball from the ceiling to where it makes contact with the windshield in front of the driver. This however takes the focus off of where the car is going to the tennis ball. You might try attaching a 2×4 to the floor so that mom drives slowly into the garage and feels the 2×4.

Parking lots seem to be a favorite stalking ground of the bad guys. They know that most of the people that are in those parking lots of women. And that most of them are distracted either with their cell phone, their kids, trying to find their car and all kinds of other distractions. The more distractions there are the easier it is for the bad guys to do their thing. Make sense?

Stun devices-usually we think of stun guns. Stun guns interrupt the neuro-muscular system for anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes. A 3 to 5 second application causes the body to over work very rapidly similar to running a marathon. It depletes the body of all blood sugars so there’s no energy left. Tasers work by shooting out two electrified barbs that when they hit the target overrides the central nervous system providing incredible take down power-greater than a 9 mm handgun. They have almost 100 percent stopping power.

Additionally, you have the added benefit of a personal alarm for women on this unit to scare off an assailant or to notify others at a distance that you are in danger.

Become an article writer: Online readers are craving advice and information every day. This creates an opportunity for you. You’ll be paid a fee, of course. Find a freelance writing position at a public or private online publisher and write articles for online magazines, newsletters or websites. You don’t even have to have a degree unless the client specifically requests it.

Both of these self defense products are very effective and both carry their advantages and disadvantages. So if you have a child that is going off to colleges this year or even one that is already in college I recommend getting them a personal alarm or some pepper spray. It will make you feel much better about the safety of your child and I’m sure they will as well.

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Real Estate Sales Safety Tips You Don’t Want To Sell Without

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