How To Increase Myspace Music Plays

For a while I would give you my best small talk banter, but pretty soon in a burst of enthusiasm I would break, and start to tell you all about my favorite topic…

The counterpart of Facebook’s Like button, the +1 button allows you to rate any page and makes your page rank higher in Google searches. Sweet integrated engagement marketing and how to promote your music tool right there!

Artists who have a MySpace profile know that it is a long road to success on MySpace. Trying to rank as high as some of the huge names in music is difficult. But with the birth of new technology comes bigger and better ways to get your music noticed on MySpace. The key is to increase MySpace music plays and profile views which will rank you high in MySpace. The more song plays and profile views you have, the more attention you will get, and this will definitely turn into success.

So you have a great concept for a video – but is your track on the level? Nothing annoys new listeners than a badly-produced song. They listen to music for a variety of reasons but the most important is to be entertained. Spruce up your music and make it more polished than your video. Please. Good quality material is an essential factor in selling songs.

Promo Tip #40 Create an online newsletter, with content of value to the receiver. This is an invaluable way to keep fans informed on gigs, news, gossip, new releases and other great info. Send out your newsletter about once a month.

Promo Tip #41 Be outrageous or controversial. Shock value can work, but it can backfire too. Can you maintain the image? It has worked for many, but was a disaster for many more. Think this tip out.

Every artist or band needs a YouTube channel. Upload all of your footage there. Get someone to take a video camera and record every single gig. Even take videos of your jamming or practice sessions – people the world over will be interested and it will help to build the brand.

Don’t let online promotion tactics scare you off. It’s as simple as getting the word out. And if you believe in your music, then there should be nothing else you would rather do.

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