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Fishing in Devon. Pop-ups are a very useful bait to have in your armoury against the elusive and wiry fish and can be used on allsorts of rigs, chod rigs, helicopter rigs etc.

We moved to France 3 years ago now and found our small piece of heaven, a traditional French farmhouse on the banks of a carp lake deep in the French countryside. We now run our own successful commercial carp venue… but how did we get here?

You can find crafters on the streets of the city making their wares right there for you to see. There are over 50 festivals each year and so you will not be short of entertainment. There is Patrimonio holiday which brings artists from all over the world to take part in this celebration of music. In Aleria they have a toga party that honours the history and roots of the village. Then there are the Karpfenangeln Ungarn along with the carnivals that are held in the forests along with horse fairs and a number of other holidays that are geared toward the younger population.

Yellow Fin Tuna start arriving off the North and West sides of Nassau during late February, early March and their migration through the Bahamas continues until late August. This is hottest big-game fishing time. Massive schools of Yellow Fin Tuna ranging in size from 20 to 80 lbs. migrate through the Bahamas on their way north to the Gulf Stream. They are located by looking for excited birds congregating, then diving into the ocean, feeding off the bait fish forced to the surface by the schools of feeding Tuna.

Just remember this is a new life and a new country, so things will be stressful and you’ll feel at times like nothing is happening. But believe me when you move into your new home you’ll know it was all worthwhile.

This is one of the best places to fish during your holidays in Dorset. You and your family can spend the whole day picnicking and fishing on its vast area. Fly fishing is very popular in this private estate. You can spend a quiet, relaxing day, fishing. Make sure you reserve a place for your group at the earliest time possible. You can bring food or take advantage of the picnic hampers that the company offers. The idea is to enjoy fishing, cooking what you have caught and spending some quality time together with your family during your Torquay holidays…

When all is said and done, and however much you spend on carp fishing tackle and fancy new bait flavours, it is up to the fish to decide whether or not they feel like taking it!. In conclusion then, the most important thing to remember when going carp fishing is to take along your patience!

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