Bariatric Surgery – Changing Lives For The Better

Lap Band Obesity Surgery is one of the fastest growing methods for weight loss in this country today. Many people that have a substantial amount of weight to lose have probably thought about gastric bypass surgery as an option for taking off the extra pounds. This surgery can give you your health back and help you lose a lot of weight, but if you think this process will not take work, you are mistaken.

There are now many options to weight loss surgery. In the past, most of us have only heard of “Gastric Bypass”, ( in layman’s terms) ” Stomach Stapling”, or “Gastric Banding”.With the increase in Obesity related illnesses, the need for additional non invasive options has also risen.

Many tests must be conducted before you have obezite cerrahisi. While many people believe the large number of tests are unnecessary, your physician is just trying to prevent the occurrence of complications during and after your surgery. Your surgeon must have an accurate assessment of your body and your health in order to do what is necessary during your operation.

However, before you decide you are going to travel abroad for your surgery you have some things you should take into consideration. One of them is if you will use an agency or go directly through a clinic. There are a few drawbacks to having surgery abroad like having a hard time checking out the credentials and the certifications of the surgeon.

Dr. Thomas Inge said that the new study suggests the risks outweigh the benefits for most patients. But it left unanswered questions regarding how the teens fared after leaving the hospital. He believes that the surgery during the teen years poses different psychological risks than for adults.

Guidelines are set in place for who is a candidate for this surgery and who is not. This surgery is not a cosmetic surgery to help shred a few extra pounds. To be a candidate one must be 100 pounds over their ideal weight or have a body mass index of 40 or greater.

A, Dr. Jorge Maytorena, With a highly trained team of surgeons, nurses, nutritionists, Diabesity Surgery is able to provide our patients with a safe and effective weight-loss surgery, comprehensive pre- and post-operative education and ongoing aftercare. A decision to have, obesity surgery, is not to be taken lightly.

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