Anderson, Urban Added To Music City Walk Of Fame

The Buckingham Memorial Fountain was dedicated in 1927 in the center of Grant Park in the amazing city of Chicago. The Buckingham Fountain of Grant Park has been called Chicago’s front door since Grant Park is considered its front yard. The Clarence Buckingham Fountain was designed by Jacques Lambert, a Frenchman who also designed the Versailles Stadium.

Any real shocks from this evening for me came from those who did not show up. There were a couple of people who knew they were going to win, and they did not make the trip out to Los Angeles. I refuse to believe that they got caught in rush hour traffic as an excuse. Of course, it led to one of the funniest moments of the evening as Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert announced a winner that was not present. So instead, they gave the award to Steve Carrell, and he joined those two in a group hug where they were dancing all over the place.

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It doesn’t matter whether these are legal stimulants such as caffeine, nicotine and alcohol, prescribed drugs or something you’ve bought on a shady street corner. I’m not judging that decision, just saying that you should at least cut down on these stimulants.

As I became more sure of my desire to perform and sing, Tom and I worked together to make the dream a reality. Together we formed MargRock Entertainment, LLC. I wrote songs, we recorded them and we knocked on every door we came upon. At the same time, I was a full time student at Clemson, trying to juggle my classes, my clubs, my sorority — all the activities I was involved in there.

Too Young Too Fall In Love – Motley Crue – This song makes my wife laugh every time it is on. I think it’s the “Your love’s a guillotine” part. That and any recommendation for Shout at the Devil makes people look at me funny. I do live in the South now after all.

If there was any hero to be found at the Emmys that evening, it was Lucas Black who succeeded in telling it like it is, and who managed to capture the frustration we have with modern television. He ranted about how sick he was of watching a show, and then seeing at the bottom of what’s coming up next. Lucas also stood up for those “nameless” people who are listed in the end credits of a show. For the past decade or so, their names have been relegated to the side of the screen which are fast forwarded through so quickly that we cannot make anyone’s name out (except of course for the co-stars). Lucas was dead on in saying these people deserve a lot more respect than we give them.

Although gathering a group of your friends together for a garage band is lots of fun, you should also look into joining a formal singing group like a school music group or church choir.

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